Blue Bunny!

18 Jan

There are so many Facebook sweepstakes running right now – but here’s a new one:

Are you in hibernation mode right now? Well, wake up! Blue Bunny gives you a chance to win… an Xbox game counsel, Xbox Kinect, and 2 games, which we figured, could help you and the family cope with the remaining long winter days. So sign up today to add a little excitement to your sleepy Winter days with Blue Bunny.

Click below to get to the entry page on Facebook


My favorite places to find online sweepstakes

14 Jan

I’ve tried just about every sweepstakes site out there.  Most of the better ones are subscription only (meaning you will pay $30/year or more to get the good sweepstakes). 

In the beginning, I would just search on Google and try to find them that way – but it was time consuming and I couldn’t seem to keep track of what I had entered already.

If you want a really good free site that has lots of features, I recommend  They have done a good job at weeding out the tiny prizes and thousands of Blog sweeps and focus on the bigger well known companies so you don’t get tons of spam after entering.  If you sign up for an account, they even have a tool that will track your entries and tell you what you need to enter each day.  There are forums where users can post their wins, ask for help, etc.

If you don’t mind a subscription site, OLS ( is probably the best out there among the subscription sites.   So far my experience  is that they list the same sweepstakes as Bigsweeps but have a more robust forum.

Another favorite website of mine is Sweeping America.  It should be noted that Sweeping America is primarily a snail mail sweepstakes newsletter – but they do have a private yahoo group where they post tons of great information and online sweepstakes.  There is also a Gold Rush page for members only that lists all the local (better odds) sweepstakes found by the editor.

50 Trucks!!!

13 Jan

Let’s start with a bang!  Here’s a fantastic sweepstakes from Cabela’s.  They are giving away FIFTY Chevy trucks!  It’s a daily entry – so be sure to enter every day if possible to have the best chance to win.  Good luck!